Auckland Wedding Photographer // Ram + Gia

This love story is one close to my heart. I've known Ram and his amazing family for about four years now, and to be able to celebrate with them on this wondrous occasion was something I couldn't miss.

Ram and Gia / Auckland Elopement Photographer / © Patty Lagera Photography

I was flatting in the North Shore back in 2011 - and I was blessed to land in Glenfield with the Arias family. They are one of the nicest, kindest human beings on the planet. That is not an exaggeration. I was dealing with emotional roller-coasters back in the day, and this family nursed me back to life, basically. Spiritually, emotionally, physically (yes, they fed me good food) -- their home was my safe haven. Abby and Eiyes, Ram's sisters, became my sisters as well. We cooked together, cleaned the house, discussed theology, and Abby even taught me the ukelele and piano! I got to know Ram and his crazy friends too, went to boxing with them, and even performed with him at an acoustic night once!

So, when I heard that he's getting married to this wonderful stunner of a lady--of course I had to be there to capture it!

They had a very intimate and beautiful wedding celebration, and we had a couple of hours out West to explore and enjoy the day :)

Mr. and Mrs. Abraham and Gia Arias!

The celebrations began in Parnell - in a beautiful little Thai restaurant called Blue Elephant. We had such good food - I didn't want to stop eating!

After our late lunch, the newlyweds and I, accompanied by the hilarious best friend, Nik, drove out to West Auckland and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon.

Ram and Gia / Auckland Elopement Photographer / © Patty Lagera Photography

These lovebirds looked perfect. I had too many smiles this day.

Gia is a flight attendant in Dubai, but she'll be coming home to Auckland very soon! She bought her dress in Bangkok, and got Ram's nifty outfit in Singapore.

Ram and Gia are currently in Eruope enjoying their honeymoon. <3

We found some magnificent trees and a field to have a rest in. Don't they look perfect together?!

Nik testing out the vintage bike. These two love to journey together and go on adventures; travel is big on their priority list, so it's no wonder they're trotting the globe right now!

Their parents joined us for a couple of fun portraits! It's amazing to see the love these parents have for each other, and for their kids. Don't you just enjoy seeing parents have fun in each others' company? I know I do.

I know for a fact that Ram and Gia will pass this unconditional love to their kids and grandchildren as well.

Ram and Gia, thank you (and your families) for having me on your special day. I hope that you two will choose love, life, and laughter every single day of your togetherness. I know that God will bless you abundantly and always. I'm here for you if you need anything! Love you both xx