Queenstown, Part 2.

Now, things get real.

As much as I would have loved to explore Queenstown and its surroundings, my purpose for this trip was to go to the Nordica Photography Get Real NZ workshop.

I crowdfunded to get here; I am very blessed. I told myself that if I raise enough money and go to this workshop, I'll make it happen. It being the full-time freelance photography/videography dream. I still pinch myself because I can't believe I was given the opportunity to learn more about what I love to do and how to make that into my career, my life.

Not only that, I was able to meet some precious people that I consider my inspiration, and I get to be their friend, too.

We were mostly in the "classroom", ferociously taking down notes and asking questions and sharing insight (I was mostly writing and observing).  And then, there was a little surprise.

The oldest bus in Queenstown took us for a drive to Coronet Peak, and this happened.

Cole and Jakob led the way, and we followed. Linda and Jay were newly engaged. We were free to shoot however we wanted, but I observed some more and took it all in.

With location this breath taking, how can I not take at least one honest photo? 

There is still SO much more to learn. And I am thankful that I was in the presence of these amazing and experienced photographers. Such kind souls with passionate hearts.

We lingered in the mountains for a bit after that and concluded the workshop by having a few drinks and the infamous Fergburger. 

My last day in Queenstown finally arrived, and I had to pack my bags. Thanks to Adventure Queenstown for a comfortable hostel experience! 

One last stroll around town, and back to Auckland where things get real.