Busy // Season 1

Busy busy busy!
That past few months have been crazy busy, but oh so wonderful.

This summer alone, I've photographed 36—yes, thirty-six—weddings so far. I cannot believe I've only just started, and I've been blessed with the opportunity to capture THAT many love stories. A big thank you to Danelle and Hook of A Couple of Night Owls for taking me under their wing and letting me second shoot for them for 19 of those weddings. Also, thank you to Nisha Ravji, Daud of Threetwentythree Photography, Amy Kate, and James Broadbent for the various hang outs and second shooting opportunities.

Man, it's been one heck of a season. Amidst all that, I was also able to fly to INDIA (yes I can't believe it as well) to photograph a traditional Assamese and Punjabi wedding. Not to mention, I'm topping it all off with my final wedding in FIJI. Yes, you read that right: F I J I. I am flying out in a week, and I can't wait!

Here are a couple of photos from the past summer. I definitely suck at blogging, but I'm trying, and I need to try harder. There are too many beautiful stories to tell. I can't let you guys miss out on it—so I will make more time for blogging in the weeks and months to come. Gabby and Fiti's story is next!

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My availability for 2015-2016 is filling up fast—so feel free to contact me to make a booking! More updates on life lately and all that I'm learning, soon.

Love you guys.