Lately // 4

Life lately has been overwhelming, busy, and wonderful all at the same time.

Thanks to my girl, Amy, for this fun photo! Check out her interview over at Truly & Madly.

- - -

I recently sent off a number of packages for my beautiful couples, and I'm so happy with the boxes they're coming in! Thanks to Starbox for making them.

Summer and autumn been insanely wonderful though. Thank you to all my amazing couples who trusted me to photograph and film their weddings. I cannot wait to share with you all the stories I was able to capture, and all the people I got to meet! 

A big special thank you goes out to Danelle of A Couple of Night Owls - I was privileged enough to second shoot for her for several weddings. I can say that I have learnt SO MUCH from this awesome lady - and I'm ready for another wedding season thanks to her! Not to mention falling in love with a new lens (100mm F2.8 Macro) and developing some disciplines to make me a better wedding photographer.

Over the summer and autumn, I was able to travel to India (!!!) for a few weeks and back home to the Philippines as well. To photograph a wedding overseas (by yourself) is an experience that I will never forget. So many stories to tell you, so little time!

- - -

So, this winter, I'm working on getting my summer body ready (as my friend said: summer bodies are made over winter!) and working on sharing as many stories and weddings as I can. Two are coming to you this week!

Have a great start to your Monday! Stay hydrated and smile xx