I never thought I'd end up travelling with my 20-year-old sister, Mika. I am so so glad she has a desire to travel this year and asked me to come with her, on a whim, on this 34-day adventure!

A couple of months ago, I remember she asked about America and going on a trip to Hawaii, so we just looked at flights. And we both can't remember exactly what happened - but we ended up booking a flight to New York not long after! 

We (more appropriately, I) decided to stay longer in New York City because I knew and I knew and I knew that I would fall in love with the city. So 11 days in NYC, followed by a couple of days in Winnipeg, Canada to visit our cousins! 

After that, we're headed to San Francisco to visit our aunt and uncle, my best friend, and also a number of other friends currently living in The Bay area. Lastly, we're off to Los Angeles where another best friend lives! 

Here's Day 1 - June 11th, 4pm flying off to Houston, Texas, and arriving June 11th, 2:30pm! Time travelling is fun.

Travel Photography_Patty Lagera_0001.jpg

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Thankful for a safe first flight to Houston, Texas! Mika and I ate in Ruby's Diner in the airport, had root beer float and more sweets, and we were off again to Newark.

That's Day 1 of our adventure! Day 2 coming soon. More updates on Instagram. x