Richard and Mika // Auckland, New Zealand

Mika doubles up as my sister and friend. It's pretty wonderful to have seen her grow from an annoying toddler who steals all my toys to a rocking chef-in-the-making and all-around awesome person.

One day, I hear about this Richard guy. Of course, as the over-protective sister that I am, I bring my martial arts expert slash ninja slash boyfriend, EJ, to afternoon tea with Mika and Richard. He seems alright, I think. Nice boy. Haha. Over time, I see how he makes my sister laugh and how he truly takes care of her. His whole family loves her too, and brings us yummy curry almost every week. 

Recently, we went for a stroll and took Bacon, our fluffy little one, to Point View Reserve. I've never laughed so much in a shoot before. They are so weird and authentic, and I'm delighted that I got to capture this. See for yourself.

The photo below is what I see every time these lovebirds are around. Weird faces, blank stares, sarcasm, jokes everywhere. Occasionally some laughs and cuddles when I allow them ;)

Bacon made some friends too. It was a great day. I hope you're also having a beautiful one.