Lately // 3

I cannot count how many life events transpired these past several weeks and I am thoroughly excited to share them with you all. Let me start with some tidbits of September.

This is how life looks like, sometimes. Trying to move from a bag of chips to healthier options, but failing miserably. I am currently munching on Doritos as I type this.

I love my new USBs and business cards! I couldn't decide between the square cards or my usual MiniCards from Moo. So I decided to get both! Flashbay provided really amazing and swift service as well.

Accompanying Danelle from A Couple of Night Owls for location scouting was a blast. We explored Waiheke, and we got quite a wonderful surprise at the end!

Sunny beach + photographers on a swing = fun times. Gosh I love New Zealand.

I definitely need to do more location scouting, simply because I love discovering new little places and my own secret gardens.

And finally, food to end our scout!

But as we were driving back to the pier to catch the ferry back to Auckland, we came across something very unusual and amazing.

CHICKENS. A flock of chickens. 

Chickens. Just because. Haha, I had so much fun being with these chickens. It was a nice surprise to end the trip.

So, I'm not sure if I shared this bit of information previously, but I officially left my job at Coca Cola around July. I also started another job a few weeks after that in Mike Pero, and for our induction, I was sent over to Christchurch for the day. It was my first time in the city, but we didn't get to leave the building. I couldn't wait to come back and explore.

On the flight home, I kept thinking, we are such tiny humans. I wrote this on my phone:

You are still the one who captivates my heart. You give me so much freedom, adventure, meaning and purpose. I get to capture all these beautiful things You've created. Every day. We are all so tiny, the world is so immense and vast. And yet You still care for us and love us. You give me so much faith.
I love sunsets. We live in such a beautiful world.

And it's true. These are my personal beliefs and I am blessed. A few weeks after these photos were taken, I left the workplace due to personal reasons, but mostly because it was time to pursue this (photography business) full time. For real.

Ever since I left, nearly a month ago, life has been so exciting! More enquiries, more traveling, more photo shoots, new friends, new couples, time to rest, exercise, and spend time with the people I love. I am a happier person, pursuing the dream that was placed in my heart from the very beginning.