Lately // 2

Hello world of freedom and freelance photography! 

Also, hello world of cafés and hot chocolate. I haven't had this much hot chocolate and chai tea in ages. It's been two weeks since I left my full time job in the corporate world to pursue photography and also to have a nice break while I'm at it. I've been meeting up with heaps of people, getting the rest that I've been craving, and I've started painting again!

I'm part of 100 Days Project again. Super fun and challenging!

I also had a fun day out with Paris, a Unitec student I met at The Wedding Collective a few months back. She was interested to know more about the photography industry and practice shooting film and digital. We got to play around with studio lights too!

Then we got hungry so we found this cute little cafe on Great North Road.

Danelle from A Couple of Night Owls has been an online friend for a while, and it was wonderful to finally meet her in real life! We went to this beautiful restaurant in Britomart called Ortolana.

Man, their menu was quite detailed and too fancy—I didn't really understand most of the ingredients. Danelle had to google the words, lol. Not to mention: CUTEST MARSHMALLOW EVER. See below.

Let me show you around Auckland City! Well, one part of it. Here's the Viaduct on a bright and sunny afternoon.

I honestly love Auckland. I can't wait to see more of New Zealand! 

More of food and friends, I had brunch with EJ and Rykie in Maraetai, which is somewhat far east of Auckland. I love seeing friends and having great conversation. I love that there was an actual bird that stared straight into my camera!

That is mostly what's been happening in my life lately. That, and moved into a new house with my family. And YES, I'M GOING TO INDIA NEXT YEAR TO SHOOT A WEDDING! I am so stoked. Also, I'm currently preparing to blog a few more shoots I've done from May this year, and then my California trip too! Til next time. :)

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