Absent No More

I've been absent for way too long. There have been so many events in life that have transpired and I've failed to share them. They are worthy of sharing, and beginning today, right now, I will put more effort into sharing these wonderful stories to the world.

The world is full of stories, and I sometimes wonder, what's the point of sharing mine? I still wonder. But, something inside me just wants to do it. So, I'm going to. Maybe, hopefully, in this journey, I'll be able to articulate these reasons clearly. 

Waking up earlier. Exercising. Eating healthy. Exploring the world of calligraphy and watercolour art. Sending snail mail. Reading my Bible. Spending more time with quality people. Re-learning how to play the piano. Singing again. Learning how to do my eyebrows and braid my hair. These are some of my goals for the second half of 2015. I will not waste any more time.

Every single day, I want to be fully alive. Living with purpose and love. Growing, learning, and loving people. I am filled to overflow, and I've been bottled up for too long. I will be absent no more.

Boating around Cebu, Philippines. 2015. Featuring Inah Drew.

Boating around Cebu, Philippines. 2015. Featuring Inah Drew.