Adam and Darcie // Auckland, New Zealand

My job is pretty awesome. But the level of awesomeness increases when I'm already close friends with the couple that I'm photographing, because I get to work AND hang out with people I love. This is exactly the case for Adam (I know him as Frosty) and Darcie's super fun engagement session.

These two are winning in life, and they are getting married in a couple of hours!!! I'm so excited to have the opportunity to capture their declaration of love and have fun with them tomorrow :)

Adam & Darcie // Auckland Engagement Photographer - Patty Lagera Photography

GAH, they're such a beautiful couple. They work well together, complement each other, and do life wonderfully. Did I mention they pastor the amazing youth at Elim AKA Oxygen?

So, in the photo above, they're laughing AT me because I was crouching amongst very long grass. "Crouching Patty, Hidden Camera" was my title from that moment on, I believe. Gosh I love these two haha.

Moving on to more adorable beings:

As I've said before, I love love. Haha I'm such a weirdo. I love the idea and reality of having someone there to (no, not complete you) do life with.

Someone you can cuddle with, someone you can laugh with and be silly with, someone you can plan the future with, someone who will walk with you towards the best direction possible. I feel like Adam and Darcie are a really beautiful example of this kind of love.

I love this set of photos. #teamblueeyes 

Frosty tried to make serious faces but we inevitably failed. As you can see.

On the way back from our little bush walk, we came across this little cutie, amongst other cuties.

As if Frosty and Darcie couldn't get any cooler, their blue eyes and big smiles kept shining bright amongst the clear blue sea that was Maraetai Beach.

Not only are they super mega cool, they can also skip towards yonder like there's no tomorrow.

Darcie. She's beautiful, amazing, and so much more. I love her. You need to get to know her to actually realise how awesome she is. Wait 'til the wedding photos. I will tell you more!

And now the real fun emerges... Here they are before all the madness.

Let the games begin!

We put the holi (coloured) powder on the sand, and I just asked them to, um, you know, let loose.

Needless to say, we had a blast that day. 

Can't wait for their big day tomorrow! Soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Frost :)