Lately // 1

I was outside, in the backyard, looking at the soft blue sky, thinking about life. In a week, I'll be free from my current job, I'll be pursuing more photography and we'll see where this path takes me.


Also, I introduce you to my favourite chocolate in the world. A little treat that only lasted me barely a week. Lol.


Random thoughts.

I applied as a Flight Attendant for Air New Zealand, but didn't get any further in my application due to my arm tattoo. Lol. So, I am sort of out of job options (I'd love to teach bikram yoga though), and I thought, hey maybe I can finally pursue photography full time and just risk everything. Maybe it's the right time and the right thing to do. Maybe it's crazy. I don't want to keep postponing it and wondering what would happen if...

I'm just gonna do it. I've always wanted to do it. So I will.

And ever since I've resigned, there have been so much support and progress regarding photography. More enquiries, more bookings. More freedom, more peace.

Also, at the start of July, I met up with Amy from Amy Kate Photography and she's going for it too -- believing in the dream and doing everything she can to live out what she wants to do. I'm glad I'm not along in this journey!

Did you see my big bowl of chicken and egg soup? Love that stuff.

Some photos by Amy.